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LingRepWeb - A Visualization of Text Analytics

LingRepWeb is an online tool providing high-end text analytics to everyone. It offers an internal file storage system plus a neat web interface for visualizing the linguistic text analysis results.

LingRepWeb is intended to serve as a showcase presenting you some ideas about the power and application fields of our deep linguistic analysis services. It allows to restrict projects to specific users, to share projects among users, and to collaborate in building up open-source like repositories. Feel free to explore the new possibilities of textual insight!


Online Document Management
■ Organize documents hierarchically in projects and folders
■ Upload arbitrary texts and documents
■ Share projects to other users
■ Configure global settings
Single Document Analysis
■ Analyze single documents and visualize the results
■ Specify the service used for analysis on project level and document level
■ Focus on relevant text passages by highlighting contents
■ Exploit hierarchical navigation of concepts, events, and orientations
■ Navigate through the structure and jump to relevant passages
■ Skim contents using abstracted concept clouds
■ Create semantic fingerprints of contents
■ Create summaries of contents based on textual orientations
■ Extract concepts and relations by simple selection
■ Gather statistics on micro level
Collection Analysis
■ Gain an overview of multiple single document analysis results
■ Create arbitrary collection reflecting your domain and application
■ Summarize contents based on semantics
■ Visualize language distributions
■ Track content-related document times on a timeline
■ Evaluate document upload and analysis activities
■ Identify document outliers in the collection
■ Extrapolate timeseries of mentionings and textual orientations to plot trends
■ Gather statistics on macro level